Kanye West’s legal challenges are multiplying, reminiscent of the growing stockpile of Yeezy sneakers in an Adidas warehouse.

Recently, the rapper and fashion designer encountered fresh legal woes as his former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta, filed a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Pisciotta, who served West for two years, alleges that he subjected her to sexually explicit messages and inappropriate behavior during her tenure.

According to legal documents obtained by the Blast, Pisciotta had a lengthy career in the music industry before joining West’s team. Initially hired as a creative collaborator for his Yeezy Season 1 women’s fashion line and later as an executive and personal assistant, Pisciotta claimed she was promised a substantial salary but endured a demanding work schedule, including being on call 24/7.

Prior to her full-time employment with West, Pisciotta earned a significant income through content creation on OnlyFans and social media. While West initially supported her side endeavors, he later insisted she delete her OnlyFans account and offered her compensation, which she alleges she never received.

Pisciotta further alleges that West began sexually harassing her, sending explicit messages and videos, and engaging in inappropriate behavior, including masturbating in her presence. She also claims he created a hostile work environment, stalking her after she was terminated.

In addition to Pisciotta’s lawsuit, West faces a barrage of legal battles spanning racial discrimination, antisemitic behavior, contractual disputes, and alleged assault:

– In April 2024, Benjamin Deshon Pravo, a former security guard at West’s Donda Academy, sued him for racial discrimination, alleging preferential treatment of white employees over Black ones.
– Trevor Phillips, another former employee, filed a lawsuit the same month, accusing West of discriminatory and antisemitic conduct, including creating a hostile work environment.
– West also faces legal action from his former Yeezy manufacturer, alleging breach of partnership agreement due to his offensive public statements.
– Other lawsuits include claims of unpaid wages, unsafe working conditions, and assault, highlighting the breadth of West’s legal entanglements.

As West navigates these legal challenges, his once-flourishing empire faces significant upheaval, raising questions about the future of his brand and business ventures.