Glen Powell is having a standout year. His latest success, Netflix’s “Hit Man,” has shot to the top of the streamer’s English Films List with 10.8 million views in its first three days, following a limited theatrical release. Critics are praising the dramedy-thriller and declaring Powell, 35, a bonafide star. This latest achievement follows his box office successes in “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Anyone But You,” both of which surpassed $200 million in earnings. His upcoming film “Twisters,” set to release next month, is anticipated to further solidify Powell’s status as Hollywood’s leading man.

So, what makes Glen Powell so compelling? Unlike many stars, Powell’s charm appears genuine rather than manufactured. Public relations expert Eric Schiffer notes, “Glen Powell has a certain natural charm and wit. He’s the boy American sweetheart — a human golden retriever with a great onscreen presence and extreme likability.”

A close friend of Powell, preferring to stay anonymous, confirms, “The Glen you see is really the Glen you get. He really is the funny, charming, kind of boy-next-door guy. And yes, he is that hot in person.”

Powell’s career has been marked by savvy choices in roles and collaborations. Jason Squire, host of “The Movie Business Podcast” and a professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts, attributes Powell’s success to strategic decision-making. He highlights 2016’s “Hidden Figures” as a pivotal moment for the actor. “I didn’t know who he was before, but you can’t forget him in ‘Hidden Figures’. That is an example of someone who decided that this was a way for him to pop. There’s some really smart, intuitive people with commercial taste behind the scenes [who] help guide his career,” Squire explains.

Powell’s involvement goes beyond acting. He co-wrote “Hit Man” and will produce and star in Hulu’s upcoming comedy series “Chad Powers,” showcasing his versatility and investment in his projects. Powell emphasizes the importance of selecting the right roles, stating, “To be a lasting success in Hollywood, you have to make people money… You have to go, ‘Who is the audience for this? Are you giving people a reason to buy tickets?'”

Despite his rising fame, Powell has maintained a reputation for being genuinely nice and respectful, which is increasingly rare in Hollywood. Industry insiders and those who have worked with him consistently speak highly of his professionalism and character. Public relations expert Eric Schiffer remarks, “Great branding, and [he] knows how to engage authentically to build a loyal fanbase. He’s positive, genuine and kind, which is rare in Hollywood.”

Powell’s journey to stardom began with his role in “The Great Debaters” in 2006, which led to him being signed by powerhouse agent Ed Limato. Moving to Los Angeles and interning for producer Lynda Obst, Powell gained invaluable insight into the business side of Hollywood. Obst recalls, “He was adorable — charm off the charts. But that is not what impressed me, and it’s not why he is succeeding. Actors can turn on charm but they can’t turn on intelligence. Glen is smart and learned about developing scripts and the structure of movies. It made him independent and wily.”

While comparisons to other actors are common, Powell is carving out his own unique path. Jamie Lee Curtis likened his multifaceted talent to Jake Gyllenhaal’s, while Schiffer believes Powell’s career blends elements of Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling’s versatility in both comedy and drama. However, Powell’s distinctive warmth and charm set him apart. As one studio executive bluntly puts it, “He’s the next Glen Powell.”

As Powell continues to rise, his authentic charm, smart career choices, and genuine kindness promise an exciting future in Hollywood.