At 34 years old, with three Super Bowl rings and a career destined for the Hall of Fame, Travis Kelce has little left to prove on the football field. Despite this, Kelce remains committed to his NFL career, showing no signs of slowing down.

Speaking at the Kansas City Chiefs minicamp on Tuesday, Kelce addressed the possibility of retirement, making it clear he’s not ready to step away from the game. “I can’t put a timeframe on it,” Kelce shared. “I love coming to work every single day. Obviously, I know there’s opportunities outside of football for me. You’ve got to keep in perspective that I’m still a little kid when I come into this building.”

Kelce’s passion for the game remains undiminished. “I know I’m 34 years old, about to be 35. But I have a love to do this right here — in the middle of the heat in June. I love coming to work every single day and doing this. I’m gonna do it ’til the wheels fall off, and hopefully that doesn’t happen anytime soon,” he said.

His playful attitude towards the physical demands of football was evident. “Wear and tear me, baby,” Kelce declared. “I’m ready for it. Put the load on me. I love being accountable for the men and women in this building and Chiefs kingdom.”

Kelce’s “wheels fall off” philosophy isn’t new; he expressed similar sentiments during last year’s minicamp. Since then, much has changed. His brother, Jason Kelce, announced his retirement, while Travis himself celebrated another Super Bowl victory with the Chiefs. Kelce also secured a lucrative contract extension through the 2025 season, making him the highest-paid tight end in the league.

Beyond football, Kelce has various ventures, including a popular podcast co-hosted with his brother Jason, and a high-profile personal life often linked to Taylor Swift. Despite these distractions and the physical toll of the sport, Kelce remains focused on his NFL career.

Last season, while Kelce’s production slightly declined, he still performed at an elite level, recording 93 catches for 984 yards and five touchdowns during the regular season. In the Super Bowl, he caught nine passes for 93 yards, underscoring his value to the team.

The allure of being a key player on a Super Bowl dynasty like the Chiefs is immense, and Kelce isn’t ready to relinquish that role. With the Chiefs poised to remain contenders, Kelce’s commitment to the team and the game remains strong.