As the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Bad Boys franchise hits theaters, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence take a nostalgic look back at their journey spanning nearly 30 years. Amidst the excitement surrounding Bad Boys: Ride or Die, the duo reflects on whether they recognized the magnitude of their dreams while filming the iconic series.

Smith reminisces about the early days, offering advice to his younger self during the premiere of the first Bad Boys film in 1995. Reflecting on the whirlwind experience, he acknowledges the surreal nature of being immersed in such a pivotal moment, urging himself to “slow down” and savor the journey.

Sharing a moment of reflection with his co-star Lawrence, Smith marvels at their humble beginnings, realizing that they were living out their aspirations without fully grasping the significance at the time. Together, they revisit memories from the original film, recognizing the profound impact it had on their careers and the cultural landscape.

Directed by Michael Bay, the inaugural Bad Boys film premiered in April 1995, exceeding expectations with its box office success. The franchise continued to thrive with its second installment, Bad Boys II, directed by Bay and featuring a larger budget, further solidifying its status as a cinematic phenomenon.

Transitioning to the latest chapter in the series, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Smith assumes a more extensive role as a producer, while Lawrence reprises his iconic character alongside him. The film delves into new territory, exploring themes of aging and mentorship while retaining the signature blend of action and comedy that defines the franchise.

In addition to showcasing adrenaline-fueled car chases and daring stunts, the latest installment confronts deeper themes, fostering meaningful interactions between its seasoned protagonists. Smith’s return to the big screen after his previous film, Emancipation, marks a departure from the intense drama, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Co-directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah infuse the film with a modern sensibility, bridging the gap between generations while maintaining the dynamic chemistry between Smith and Lawrence. Despite the evolution in filmmaking techniques, producer Jerry Bruckheimer emphasizes the timeless value of hard work in achieving success.

As Smith and Lawrence reflect on their journey, they offer words of wisdom to their younger selves, acknowledging the significance of their achievements. While Smith encourages self-reflection and gratitude, Lawrence humorously emphasizes the importance of self-care, reminding himself to “take care of your back” amidst the whirlwind of Hollywood stardom.

As Bad Boys: Ride or Die hits theaters, audiences are invited to join Smith and Lawrence on a nostalgic journey through three decades of friendship, laughter, and action-packed adventures.