In response to growing community concerns, the Lexington council has initiated a comprehensive review of LexArts’ financial operations and diversity initiatives. Vice Mayor Dan Wu’s motion to scrutinize the organization’s performance comes in the wake of recent discussions surrounding its allocation of funds and efforts to promote diversity within the arts community.

The decision to conduct a thorough examination follows a community meeting on May 7, where several artists voiced apprehensions regarding LexArts’ ability to support and showcase artists from diverse backgrounds. While LexArts plays a crucial role in distributing funds to various arts organizations, questions have been raised about its financial management and commitment to inclusivity.

During a recent council work session, Wu emphasized the need for transparency and accountability, expressing reservations about granting additional funding to LexArts without a clear understanding of its financial practices. Concerns have also been raised about delays in payments to arts groups, prompting calls for greater oversight and accountability.

Despite challenges, LexArts officials have affirmed their dedication to addressing these concerns and enhancing diversity efforts within the arts community. A recent audit of the organization’s finances for the fiscal year 2021-2022 revealed areas for improvement, prompting the board to develop an action plan to strengthen internal controls and ensure compliance with auditing standards.

Moving forward, LexArts is committed to accelerating progress in promoting equity and inclusion, recognizing the need to support artists from marginalized communities. By fostering greater transparency and accountability, the organization aims to build trust and confidence among stakeholders while advancing its mission of supporting the arts in Lexington.