House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik is reportedly vying for her party’s vice presidential nomination, and she seems to be employing a strategy of filing baseless ethics complaints to curry favor with Donald Trump.

Stefanik has targeted several law enforcement officials involved in holding Trump accountable, filing official ethics complaints against judges, a state attorney general, and special counsel Jack Smith within a span of six months. This aggressive approach coincides with speculation about her aspirations for national office.

However, one of Stefanik’s complaints has reportedly fizzled out quietly, according to a report by The Daily Beast. Despite this setback, Stefanik’s office did not refute the article’s accuracy, instead emphasizing the alleged partisanship and corruption within New York’s court system.

While the failure of one complaint may appear as a setback, it’s likely that Stefanik’s true objective was to garner approval from Trump, rather than achieve actual results with her filings. This stunt was likely aimed at gaining favor at Mar-a-Lago, regardless of its outcome.

Although the rejection of her complaint may seem like a failure on the surface, it serves Stefanik’s goal of aligning herself with Trump’s interests, even at the expense of credibility and legitimacy