In a passionate address at Everytown for Gun Safety’s annual training conference, President Joe Biden called for renewed efforts to tackle gun violence in America. His speech came just hours after his son was found guilty on gun-related charges by a federal jury in Delaware.

“It’s time once again, to do what I did when I was a senator: ban assault weapons,” Biden declared, igniting applause from the audience. “Who, in God’s name, needs a magazine which can hold 200 shells?”

The conference, known as Gun Sense University, convened in Washington, D.C., bringing together volunteers and survivors of gun violence from across the nation to exchange best practices and participate in training sessions on effective organizing.

The Biden-Harris 2024 presidential campaign underscored the administration’s commitment to reducing gun violence in a memo released prior to the president’s speech. According to campaign senior spokesperson Kevin Munoz, “Fighting for a safer America — an America that does its part to save more lives from gun violence — is on the ballot this November.”

The memo highlighted Biden’s efforts, including signing bipartisan gun safety legislation targeting gun traffickers, expanding federal background checks, and addressing the issue of untraceable ghost guns.

Blaming former President Donald Trump’s support for the NRA and opposition to gun legislation, the memo pointed to a surge in violence during his tenure, resulting in “the largest increase in violence in American history.”

Munoz emphasized the Biden-Harris campaign’s focus on gun issues, citing recent events led by Vice President Kamala Harris and initiatives targeting Latino battleground voters.

For Biden, combating gun violence has been a priority since taking office, as evidenced by his State of the Union address in March. “Now we must beat the NRA again! I’m demanding a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines! Pass universal background checks!” he urged, rejecting any notion that these measures violate the Second Amendment or demonize responsible gun owners.